Anti-Smoking International Alliance | since 1991 | Charity number: 1004061

Anti-Smoking International Alliance Webinar

Topic: “The Dark Side of Nicotine in e-Cigarettes & Serious Smoking Dangers”

Webinar Date & Time: 28 June 2020 | 18.30 – 19.30 (Dubai GMT + 4)
Language: English
Moderator: Nada Saaydeh

Dr.rer.nat. Fuad Ali Tarbah
Senior Forensic Toxicologist, PhD-GTFCh
General Dept. of Forensic Sciences &Criminology
Dubai Police H.Q.

Dr. Tarbah introduced some of the modern forensic sciences such as, Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. This technology can come handy when the fingerprints are absent from the crime scene. Dr. Tarbah is currently working on classic forensics departments such as forensic biology and DNA, forensic chemistry, forensic toxicology, trace evidence and post-bomb and explosives, tool-marks and firearms, questioned documents, digital forensics and computer crime, voice analysis, forensic video and photography, fire and arson investigation and fingerprint.

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