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The 1st Seminar of the Anti-Smoking International Alliance
Dubai, UAE

“Together we combat smoking for our generation & the next generations”

18th April 2016

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre – Dubai, UAE
on the sidelines of the International Family Medicine Conference & Exhibition – IFM

Stay tuned with the 1st Seminar of the Anti-Smoking International Alliance, and the international speakers who will share their knowledge, expertise and success stories, in combating smoking, the challenges faced in curbing this habit, tools & techniques used, and how can the social community and concerned parties join hands against smoking.

Seminar Topics:

  • The role of healthcare sector and concerned parties in combating smoking
  • The role of media in combating smoking & creating social awareness
  • Educating the generations and encouraging the public to combat smoking
  • Combating smoking success stories

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